Mobility Combo Pack


Hang your items, secure your phone, hold your beverage… anywhere!

3 mobility items bundled together at a reduced price to create extra value.

Be mobile… Stay organized

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Users of walkers, wheelchairs and rollators increasingly want convenient access and storage for their personal items.

The Mobility Cup Holder is the first ever portable cup holder designed to fold flat while rotating and adjusting to nearly any situation. Now take your beverage anywhere and everywhere!

The Mobility Phone Grip is an innovative phone mount that rotates 360 degrees and adjusts to grip a wide variety of phone sizes. The flexible strap system wraps tightly around any bar or rail.

The Mobility Dual Hooks are the first ever double hook attachment that rotates 360 degrees to hang a variety of objects. Great for securing canes, purses, hats, umbrellas, etc…

Attach to walkers, strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, carts and much more!

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