Walker Coasters

Replace tennis balls, wheels, and rubber tips on walker legs. Smoothly glides over doorways, sidewalks, and carpets. Fits standard 1" tubing.

  1. Requires no tools to assemble.
  2. Bright and easy to see colors.
  3. Smooth and durable plastic
  4. Glides easily over cement as well as carpeted or linoleum floors.
  5. Slides in all directions and over bumps and cracks in sidewalks and doorways.
  6. Unique O-ring to help coasters stay snug to walker legs in all temperatures.
  7. Protective shields prevent coasters from getting caught in doorways and thresholds or getting stepped on.

The Walker Coasters product was designed to be the best replacement walker tips on the market, overcoming many of the problems found in others. We designed them specifically with three goals in mind:

Product Images


Walker Coasters Composite Image
Showing the individual components inside the coasters
Walker Coasters
Walker Coasters in use. "Tennis Ball Yellow" color clearly visible


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Comparing Walker Coasters to Other Walker Tips


Feature Walker
Glide Cap
Easy to See X X X      
Long-Lasting X     X X  
Clean on Floor X     X X X
Slides in all Directions X X X   X  
Easy to Install X   X Tools
Easily goes over Bumps X X X X X  
Fits most Walkers X X   X X  
Economical X         X

Installation Instructions

To install, simply remove existing covers on the bottom of the walker tubes, then firmly press the walker coasters into the bottom of the tubes.

Walker Coaster installation diagramwalker coasters on tubin

Product Information

Note: there are two Walker Coasters per retail package

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USA flagMade in the USA. U.S. Patent #8739807